8 Apr '10
Working on some new songs for your listening pleasure. Be sure to drop by att South Side tavern on Friday th 23. We'll be playing in the basement att club Devolution!

14 Mar '10
You can now listen to the second digital release Tears Are Gonna Fall and our own little cover of Eat The Rich on Klicktrack and Spotify, and its all yours whenever, wherever you feel the urge!

27 Feb '10
Nu till helgen så återvänder vi till studion för att avsluta arbetet med vår första fullängdare som kommer snart! Vi arbetar just nu på lite fler låtar som vi ska ta med ut på vägarna inom en snar framtid, vänta ni bara!
Glöm nu inte att besöka klicktrack för att höra vår nya singel Tears Are Gonna Fall samt att ni nu kan lyssna
på oss på Spotify!
Det var allt för den här gången

2 Feb '10
Sin Galore will return to Gearclub in Stockholm on the 5th of February! We'll be taking the stage with some brand new songs, so make sure you're there! Also playing are The Hangee V from Italy and The Nagz from Stockholm. Also you'll be able to get a hold of our new singel Twist Me Up / Mind Control! It's gonna be a great night so don't miss it!


29 jan '10
Sin Galores first 7" is finaly here! Two hit song: Twist Me Up and Mind Control. Get it!

13 dec '09
Tune in to 95.3 fm tonight in Stockholm. We'll be vissiting Spektrum playing our favorite songs of '09 and talking about the new single plus some things we have planned for the new year!


3 dec '09
Fellow citizens!
We are proud to present that our first single What A Fool is now available at Klicktrack and soon at spotify and itunes.
It was recorded in September 2009 and produced by Per Nordgren (Red Lemon Art).
We hope our sounds of mangled guitars and soulfull song will inspire you and keep you warm through these dark times!
Now you can follow us at various websites, where you will find news,gigs, pictures, videos and more!


19 jan '09
Hello again! It's a brand new year and it looks like it might turn out to be a good one. We got a new demo out now with four brand new songs and if you want to get your hands on one of 'em just send a request to info(a)singalore.se. They're selling for 25 kr or 3 eur.
Be sure to drop by Brother Tuck this saturday if you're in Stockholm!

21 nov '08
This Sunday we'll be visiting THS radio in Stockholm for an hour with the guys at Spektrum. We'll be talkin' trash and playing our favorit records so be sure to tune in 95.3 fm at 8 pm this sunday if your in town or you can catch the show later on their website: www.thsradio.se/spektrum

20 nov '08
As you might have noticed, we're now playing as a quartet . Some time last summer Nisse put down his bass and sat behind the drums and he's been there ever since. Meanwhile Johan has gone on to form his new band Dangerbird. Keep an eye out for them in the future.
Right now we're working on new songs and some new recordings will be out soon.

10 jul '08
Sin Galore have been booked to this years Obskyr Festival! It's a two day party in the woods outside Arvika, Sweden the -2 of August. If you miss it you'l be sorry!
For more info go to their myspace -> Obskyr Festival

8 may '08
Believe it or not, we've been keeping busy. The new recordings are finally done and will son be available on fabulous CDr! We also have brand new pins! Stop by Devolution at Lifestyle saturday the 17th and you might get your hands on one.